This is a somewhat different kind of project; it's completely for me!
This means that I didn't have anyone telling me what to do or what the end result should be (except for myself ofcource). I felt like doing someting with my hands, I also felt like I needed a new computer, so I combined these two feelings and started sketching...
Sketch process
I explored a lot of different alternatives and ideas, trying to not leave any stone unturned. After a while I decided to keep the final design rather simple - I was gong to build it, and I didn't have that much time or money to make it happen. I still wanted to do someting different than an ordinary metal box though, so I challenged myself a bit by deciding that the outer shell should be made in wood.
CAD process
Since my design was still rather open I decided to set the final dimensions in SolidWorks. The primary goal was to make it as small as possible, with the micro-ATX standard in mind. I made some qiuck mock-up-models of the components I wanted to use and moved them arond until I felt satisfied. As you might see, the final version is not the smallest one possible, I had to make some compromises in order to keep the shape god looking too.
Making the model
I was lucky to have some friendly colleauges at Prototal in Jönköping who helped me with the stuff that required heavier machinery than my own two hands.
If you're interested in the building process you can check out my gallery at (in Swedish).
This is the end result:
Slimline Blu-Ray player, USB 3.0, audio input/output, power button and card reader.
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