This is one of the bigger projects I did during my semester as an exchange-student at FH Aachen in Germany.
The major task of this project was to create a sustainable bus stop, suitable for an urban environment.
My final idea was to create a modular bus stop, thus making it possible to adapt the size of it to fit every urban area. It can be placed on both a narrow sidewalk and a big square.
The first idea for the concept. Five parts able to combine into an indefinite number of combinations.
Improved version of the concept.
First model, to try to get a better feel for the form.
Exploration sketches in search for a better profile.
Final suggestion for the profile of the bus stop.
- The final version -
The final bus stop. Here in a larger version with a long bench.
Smaller version of the bus stop.
Small version with only the base unit.
Larger version.
- The parts -
Base unit with travel planner/ticket machine, solar cells and lights.
Smaller parts; metal plates, distances, poles and a roof with light and a solar panel.
Benches. Short and long version.
Glass panels.
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