As you have probably figured out by now, my name is Mikael Persson Hill. I'm an industrial designer born and raised in the heart of Sweden, in a small village called Färnäs to be more precise.

Ever since I was little I've liked to draw and paint. When it was time to chose the direction of my upper secondary education, I learnt that the high school in my town had a design and product development programme. I felt that this was something I could really see myself doing in the future.
When I graduated from high school I wanted to go directly to a university that taught industrial design. However, my skills back then weren't at the level they required for admission...

So I came to the conclusion that after 12 years in school it would be a nice change of pace to do something different. I got a job at a factory, but I soon realised that it wasn't as appealing to me as design was. I quit my job and applied for a preparatory year at FIDU in Hällefors. I was accepted and spent a year there, greatly improving my skills. This allowed me to get accepted to the BA programme in industrial design at the Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall.

I graduated in 2013 after three exciting years in Sundsvall (I actually only spent 2½ years there, since I did an exchange semester in Germany, at Fachhochschule Aachen, during my second year). Just because I graduated didn't mean I stopped learning things. I like new challenges and to develop myself and my skills. So I occasionally attend some courses in things like CAD (always good to know), economy (not that fun, but useful), concept art (fun and useful) and other things I find amusing and interesting.

Besides design, I'm also very interested in photography and concept art, which you will be able to find some examples of here in my portfolio soon. I also like skiing in a snowy slope on a mountain during the winter, Jiu-jitsu (which I have a black belt in), computers and the occasional gaming night.

Right now I live in the town of Bollebygd, in the southern part of Sweden, with my lovely wife Emmeli, our son Theodor and our two cats. I currently work as a product developer at Fractal Design. But, like I stated earlier, I'm always up for new challenges. So if you would like to hire me, both for a freelance job or a more permanent kind of position, do not hesitate to contact me! You're of course welcome to send me a message regarding other stuff too.

Thank you for stopping by!

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